Saturday, 5 May 2012

Clearing Out

Things I found when clearing out old diaries and notebooks:

1. A note from my mum (no date) 'Annie/ The gardener, Morris, is working outside so you will hear him coming in and out of the kitchen. Have a good day, Mum. Let me know if you are back for tea.

2. A naked photograph of me, not looking at the camera

3. A list:

    gas works
    running track
    sports ground, Thompson park
    bowling green
    Scrogg's wood

4. Some notes from a writing workshop. 'How long has it taken to paint this picture? / Whistler: 'Five minutes and all my life'

5. A business card for a literary agent, I can't ever remember meeting.

6. A letter to a friend, which I never posted.

7. A piece of ribbon tucked inside a notebook. It has these words printed on it 'peace... tranquillity... calm... love... reflection... harmony... peace...'

8. This.
    What I learned on my snowboarding holiday

    that hair freezes at -10 degrees
    that snowball fights usually end in tears
    that falling backwards into a drift of snow is more painful than it would seem
    that salapettes should always be hung up to dry
    that there are few occasions when one should deep fry cheese

9. A list of opening times for Bolton library

10. A screenplay I started writing called 'Chlorine Dreams'. It's dreadful, but I think I want to write a short story about it.

11. My notes on meeting Nina Cassian: 'I talked to her at the end to tell her how beautiful her reading was. She stroked my hand. '

12. Some notes for a poem.

    It made me laugh
    the way gulls perched on the castle walls
    trying to keep their feet
    while we almost blew along the sea front
    wind and rain both having a go.
    We could hardly open our eyes
    to the sting, the push of winter
    and I took your photo
    with your eyes screwed up
    all the lines on your face laughing wide
    soaked through we were
    but alive.

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Anonymous said...

That is poetry Annie, hope the clear out was therapeutic, Eileen x