Thursday, 9 February 2012

A Break in the Storm

This is one of my favourite places in Manchester - it's called Kim-by-the-Sea. I took my self for a late lunch one day last week. There was hardly anyone there. I went in and sat by the window here, and read my book for an hour or more and ate avocado salad and home-cooked chips and drank rooibos tea.

It was after a fairly perfect morning with my friend Sally. We both skipped work in the middle of the week and met in a hotel in Manchester for a morning lounging by the pool in bikinis. I sat in the sauna and soaked and then plunged in the pool and sauna and pool. It was a little bit of heaven overlooking a very grey Manchester car park, and we were inside warm and lounging on poolside beds. And then a full body massage, which left me almost dreamily relaxed.

We went and looked round Sally's gorgeous new studio, in Islington Mill, which is a gorgeous old mill. I have no reason to have a studio, but I felt quite jealous of her gorgeous white-painted space, and wish I had spare money so I could just get one and put a desk in the middle of the studio and a chair and write. I left her to unpack and settle in while I came to my cafe where I sat by this window with Suite Francaise.

Most of my days at the moment are crazy, adrenalin fuelled and filled with people and tasks, and I jam-pack everything in, so it was good to just let it all go for a day and properly relax.


Megan said...

so pleased you snatched some space x

sonia said...