Monday, 23 January 2012

Friendship, Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Jaume Plensa

I drove over to Yorkshire to visit my amazing friend Carole on Saturday. We've been friends since University days when we were about 19. Over the years, we've had times where we haven't seen each other for many years, friendships drift like that sometimes don't they? But I count her as one of my closest friends, even through distance and being busy with our different lives.

I saw her recently in the middle of a tough tough week. We met at the services by the side of the motorway half way between our houses, and I realised without having realised until when I saw her that I'd missed our friendship like mad. So, one of my pacts is to see her more.

Less than a month later, and I drive back across the Pennines for an afternoon with her at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I've never been before, and we met in a very windy, cold car park, wrapped up in many layers, and walked and talked, and drank tea, and ate bacon sandwiches, and wandered around the exhibitions. It was great. Bloody freezing, but great. I think I had jaw ache from so much talking, and burst eardrums from the cold, but it was so good to see her.

And amazing to see this exhibition by Spanish sculptor Jaume Plensa. It seems very apt at a time when I've been experiencing depression again that the exhibition explored a lot of emotional states. I was blown away by how achingly beautiful his exhibits were, particularly the Alabaster Heads, which felt so sad and haunting, and 29 Palms, which is a 50 foot long curtain of wind chime letters that jingle and jangle and throw shadows on the wall, and make up some fragments of some of his favourite poems. To be honest, I loved the whole of his exhibition. Some photos:

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Megan said...

wow. looks incredible, the entwined letters and everything against the sky