Monday, 2 January 2012

Wellies and Wishes




A bit cold today, but a beautiful bright sun. It's my third January on the allotment, but the photos will show why its the first January I've been able to do any work.

After all the Christmas rain, the plot's waterlogged in parts, very muddy and squelchy. Definitely a day for wellies. It was a day of planting bulbs (a little late, but the weather is so mild), composting 15ft artichoke stems, lopping down three baby trees and chopping the wood up, tidying the greenhouse and weeding my flower wheelbarrow and herb tyres.

It was good to get out there after a few weeks of wetness and rain, and after a tough end to 2011.

I've decided not to do a belly-gazing reflection on last year. I want to make wishes for the new year and look forward.

So, here goes, I wish...

For a good appetite, restful sleeps and tiptop health. For my short story ideas to find their way onto paper. For good friends, belly laughs, and hugs. For love that lasts. For the world to be a kinder place to everyone. For a good growing season. For long walks and hot tea. For talking way into the night. Sunsets and sunrises. For holidays and weekends away. And cars that don't break down. And enough money. For swimming in the sea and picking blackberries and baking and pretty frocks. For home-cooked dinners that are shared. For learning Spanish and dancing, lots of dancing. For calmness. Good films. Music. And time with my family. For bravery and confidence and to always be myself no matter how hard that sometimes is. For less-stress work. For forgiveness and no more goodbyes. For hot chips eaten from the wrapper. For kisses. For gigs and a good birthday. For camping in new places. Picnics on beaches. For Alan's friend to say yes I can visit his chickens. And charity shop bargains. And warm feet. And fun.

I'm happy to share my wishes, they're not just for me.

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Megan said...

great wishes Annie, go especially for the fun xxxx