Sunday, 8 January 2012

2012 so far...

Driving to the rainy dales. Stew with an old friend. Cinema in the afternoon. Planting, lopping, chopping, composting. The best bath in the world (which is always after the allotment when dirty, tired and aching). Jan Svankmajer in cinema 3 at the Cornerhouse. Lovely late-night talk at the Temple of Convenience. Cups of afternoon tea in old china cups with saucers at the Tea Hive. Working hard. Wind and rain lashing the house. Leaving the office with a smile on my face. Train stations, and homeless shelters, and solicitors, and speaking through interpreters. Arabic, Kurdish Sorani, Kurdish Kamanji, and Amharic. Slowly learning more about Islam. Therapy. GP. Tesco. Dropping in for tea with a friend. Taking myself out for dinner. Qabili Palau and mint tea. Shifting cow muck at the allotment. More tea and lots of laughs. An Eric hug. A small harvest. Bacon and egg butty. Long soak in the bath. Brisk walk through Styal Woods with my lovely friend. Fallen trees and mud and soggy leaves. Scampi and chips in The Ship Inn, with a crackling fire and us talking and talking. Mirja Unge's It Was Just, Yesterday. Gorgeous home made soup, and lazy evening alone, music and pottering.

I feel thankful for today and this week. Sometimes, good days mean so much more than at other times. After a tough end to the year, good days mean everything.

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sonia said...

what a rich tapestry. x