Sunday, 24 July 2011


I escaped for the weekend with my friend Vanessa... onto the Leeds-Liverpool canal to stay on my dad's narrow-boat. We didn't chug/drive/sail it anywhere... but stayed at the mooring, which is very peaceful (apart from scary swans, lots of hissing and a few deviations in our plans to avoid them).

We watched DVDs, went for drinks in a barn with other boaters, lay in the sun reading, did some towpath gardening for my mum, cooked lovely food, went into Skipton and trawled round every charity shop in town and the market, drove up to Bolton Abbey and walked by the river, and finished it all off with a gorgeous Lamb dinner in a lovely pub.

I've come home with a burnt nose and two carrier bags of charity shop clothes. I wanted a new dress, and have come home with three dresses (one for work, two for play), a red and white swirly skirt, a vest top, a comfy jumper, a gorgeous leather handbag, and a beautiful silk top from Monsoon, all for the less than £40. It was fun trawling the shops and finding amazing bargains. I probably would have spent more than that on one dress if I'd bought brand new, and now I have a new wardrobe... (Vanessa really is the charity shop queen).

And I had such a lovely time. It was perfect. Almost.

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