Saturday, 5 March 2011

time (or lack of it)

So, there are the same twenty four hours in the day as usual. But they seem shorter, or perhaps they get filled quicker than I want them to. Where is the bloody time going? How come I have so little time to do everything I need and want to do?

Sometimes, all I can manage is to get to work, feed myself, make sure I have clean clothes. And even sometimes one or two of these go amiss. And I don't even have children. I have no clue how parents manage to fit everything in.

I mean, yes, work is very busy. I've been working the same hours as usual, but they seem to be very exhausting hours that require a lot of energy and concentration. But, I've always had a demanding job.

I'm not trying to be anything near a domestic goddess. If I can make it to the supermarket, wash my clothes, and cook a few meals, then the week has been a success. But, the house is a bloody pigsty and I don't know how I can find the time to clean it. The cat is moulting everywhere. The floor needs sweeping and I can't remember when it last saw a mop. I desperately need to fix the drawers that are falling out of my wardrobe, and the bathroom needs a good scrub.

It's not the way I want to spend a Saturday though.

Today, I felt cross and grumpy and completely out of sorts. I wanted to go to the allotment and get on with a million jobs down there and get some fresh air. I wanted to go on the demo in Manchester against the cuts because who knows whether I will still have a job later this year. I wanted to see my friends who I am seriously neglecting. I wanted to spend a bit of time with my new love, who I hardly have any time for. And I had a dozen jobs that needed doing. How on earth am I meant to fit everything in.

I felt cross with myself, stomped around, was snappy. I made a decision and then felt bad about the other people or things I was not getting the time for.

Ugh. Bleugh. Phf.

I've sacrificed a Saturday night to do jobs, just so I don't have to do any tomorrow. And I'm so bloody grumpy anyway, that I wouldn't want to inflict myself on anyone.

Please. Tell me. How do people do it? Especially those with kids? How do you stretch time? Get everything done? Still find time to relax sometimes? Find time to sleep?


Claire Massey said...

Gosh, I wish I could stretch time! I have kids but I'm afraid I don't have a good answer. I get far too little sleep and spend my whole life feeling like I'm doing a half-arsed job of everything. I'm constantly playing catch up, always giving everyone else time before I give any to myself and what I really want to be doing (writing). The only thing I don't feel guilty about is not cleaning. I clean only for special occasions (which means when people are coming who I don't know well enough to be brazen about the squalor with). And I refuse to iron--I strategically hang and fold. I think we should just be kinder to ourselves and recognise it's impossible to do everything we want/need to do and then prioritise our time accordingly (sorry for the long essay, I was obviously in need of a rant about this!) x

angela said...

Gosh, annie its tricky. its an odd thing, that as life apparently gets easier (ie: computers, cleaning devises, etc compared to the manual way everyone had to do things) we have less time and more to squeeze in! I think alot of this might be we are expected to be perfect, to have gleaming houses, and cook and have friends and have a job and still be creative and keep fit. We expect alot from ourselves.
In terms of the house, its something alot of people feel guilty about i think. and it seems impossible to get on top of it. maybe the key is not to do too much housework all at once. i read somewhere a tip with housework is to do just a very small amount a day and not expect the results all at once. I tried this, and it works. even if you are pressed for time 20 minutes here and there can make a difference and make you feel less stressed because you know you are getting on top of it, slowly. Some jobs take longer than 20 minutes, try to do them in small batches. EG- my hall is a mess, it takes ages to hoover. I forced myself to break it down into smaller sessions, ten mionuted or so here and there. same with sorting cupboards etc (one shelf at a time only, no more each go.) The house i admit still isnt perfect, but it doesnt have to be. But it is a bit less chaotic and stressful feeling than it was since i tried this method. hope it helps x

sonia said...

people with kids either live with vaying degrees of chaos or employ cleaners. how the allotment? i put strawberries in - v nice job.