Sunday, 20 March 2011

Ugh Politics

Politically, I'm very annoyed. (This is ongoing). Annoyed about the cuts, upset by the cuts. More people I know being made redundant, not just in the public sector but the impact of cuts is being felt in a lot of places. I've been signing petitions left, right and centre, and not randomly either, but there are so many children's centres, libraries and other such goodnesses facing closure, I feel the need to sign my name to so many important things. All places I use during my work or personally, all places that I know are valued in the community.

I've marched and had a shout about it in Manchester a few weeks ago. I'm not sure what good it will do but I was inspired by all the kids on the march, handmade banners from families trying to stop cuts that will affect them, and a lot of passion.

The big protest is next week of course in London on March 26th. I've decided not to go for a number of reasons, but I really hope the people that can make a difference notice and give a toss.

So, add to that my other angers

... anger at Sir Philip Green (the 'owner' of the Arcadia group, Top Shop, Dorothy Perkins, BHS, Burton etc) for his £285 million tax dodge), Vodaphone for not paying their 1.6 billion tax bill and all the other tax dodgers. Come on you rich bastards, pay up and then we can pay nurses, the police, social care, and public workers the money they deserve instead of pay freezes, cuts and redundancies.

... anger at the banks, I don't need to keep going on about why... why on earth are this government not making the banks pay for their mistakes and implementing the Robin Hood Tax

... anger at the government, which increases every day. Cuts in the short term will only cost more in the long term. And now here we are involved in a military attack on Libya, which I don't agree with, and where is the bloody money coming from for this? If we can afford expensive wars, then we can afford to put some money into our libraries, nurseries, and stop penalising the poor. Another link, this time to UNICEF's brilliant new Mind The Gap Campaign highlighting that 1 in 3 children in the UK LIVES IN POVERTY...

Anyway, cough, splutter, breathe.

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