Thursday, 10 February 2011

and the weeks roll by....

Here am I, collapsed on the settee after a bit of a tiring day, Coronation Street on the box, belly full and almost nearly ready to head up the stairs to bed.


It's as much as I can do to finish work, make it home and make tea at the moment. I mean, that's probably an exaggeration, but still, energy levels are ebbing, and I'm waiting for those lighter nights. Can't wait for allotment weather.

I'm itching to talk about my new bloke, but it's early days and I'm not tempting fate by saying too much.

So, I'll just say that. And smile.

And tell you about a reading I'd doing on 23rd February. It's called Hush, and it's hosted by wonderful Manchester poet Gerry Potter. It's at Earth Cafe at the Buddhist Centre in Manchester. 7.30pm. There are three poets, Ben Mellor, Alabaster Deplume and little old me.

Gerry describes Hush as 'a unique intimate arena where performance poets gather to chat in free-verse to the audience around them. A new experience allowing the poets real not amplified voice to mingle gently with the audience sat cheek by jowl. A very human experience without the ego of the microphone. The poets voice, a most important tool. The voice a wonderful and nagging constantly informing and decieving instrument. Performance and not performance, more than a chat yet as fullfilling as gossip. A home of truth and lies. Come and share your own timbre with a poem in our open sit-down and add your voice to the sound of our crowd and remember HUSH!'

Be good to see you there, if you fancy it... x


sonia said...

The reading sounds really exciting...made me feel tingly. Have fun.

Megan said...

Poetry events sounds lovely Annie (as does new fella (-:)