Saturday, 1 January 2011

a river of stones...

Hello first day of a new year...

Inspired by this lovely lady, I've started a second blog... It's called 'northern stones' and is hopefully going to be the place where everyday I will write one 'small stone'.

A small stone is 'a polished moment of paying proper attention'. An observation, I guess. A tiny concentrated piece of writing that focuses on one moment or image or thought in the day, and gives it a home.

I started yesterday, so have written two stones so far.

Fiona's idea is to create a 'river of stones' or in other words... a collection of small stones written by different people, who might be writers, or who just might want to write a tiny poetic line or two every day. Her challenge (for want of a better word) is for as us to write every day for January, but I'm hoping to keep going beyond this.

Read more about it here, and maybe join in.

I've been reading Fiona's small stones for a long time now, and they are very inspiring. I can't promise mine will be as inspiring... but I thought oh how lovely, observant, in the moment, and poetic. Yes, yes, very 2011, very now, very what I want to do.

So, here I am writing my northern stones.


Megan said...

fab - I'm hopping across

Sam Pennington said...

Thanks for this Annie, I think I'll join in too.

Happy new year!

Sam P x