Sunday, 23 January 2011

ch ch changes.. horsemuck and prize parsnips

Listening to Sam Cooke, Sunday morning in pyjamas. Perfect.

Just wanting to chat. So, decided to blog about January, which has been a strange month so far. It's taken me ages to get back to form after the flu over Christmas. Plus, I didn't say much about it on here, but I had a couple of months of struggling with some health niggles. I lost two stones before Christmas, not through dieting, but with IBS, which was particularly bad for a short time. I'm not quite sure what happened. It coincided with making a lot of changes in my life, so maybe my body was unsettled.

People have kept saying, wow, you look great, have you lost weight? And I've mumbled back about being ill and really it's not such a good thing.

But I guess, it's the plus side of being ill. I could afford to lose that much weight, I suppose, and it is nice to feel slim and fit into old clothes. I've not been this weight since my twenties, which is.... about eight years ago... so it's like rediscovering an old self. I seem to have my appetite back again, and my weight seems to be stabilising. I hope. So fingers crossed, it was just one of those things.

But, but, but, can I tell you that all the changes are working. All the CBT, mindfulness, acupressure, diet changes, going out even when I feel rubbish, pushing myself to be more sociable. I feel more confident, and have been having a lot of fun. Gigs. Music. Readings. Dancing. Walking. Films. Chatting. New friends. Old friends. Making plans. Focusing (when I can) on the positives. Enjoying life more. Writing again! I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can maintain this, because it's oh so much nicer than being down.

The freezing and then wet weather has meant that I've not been digging as usual at the allotment like I do most weekends. It's been ages, about six weeks now, and I have SO missed it. But, at last, yesterday was an allotment day.

And my annual delivery of manure! I thought it was going to be horse muck like last year. I still have a small pile left, which has rotted down to a beautiful dark rich manure that is going to make some delicious vegetables. Ha, Miss Allotment getting excited about manure and calling it 'beautiful'. But, yesterday's delivery was two and a half tons of COW muck. Ugh. I have to admit it was pretty bloody horrible. The stink was so bad, I retched a couple of times as I was pushing the wheelbarrow to pile it on my plot. It's a bit too fresh for my liking, and stunk of piss as well. The thought of putting this on my soil is not very appealing, so it's in a pile while I decide what to do. I'm assured it will rot down nicely and be just as good as horse muck, but not convinced. We'll see...

It was good to get back to it. A couple of friends came down to help, and a few plot holders were there too. We had some good banter, some tea and chocolates, and shovelled away. And then some digging... The frost has given most of my veg a battering, so we pulled out some failed crops, and dug in some of the lovely horse manure.

My shoulders and upper back are ACHING today. Ha, a sure sign that I've not been down for a while. I can't wait to crack on with it this year. I have twice as much allotment, and have ordered loads of seeds. I'm planning to grow more variety and quantity this year, so will have bags of food. Probably won't know what to do with it all, and give it away to friends and neighbours like last year!

Oh and I dug up some leeks and parsnips. I couldn't resist having a photo taken of me with my prize parsnips. They're monsters aren't they, and probably inedible. I think they've gone very woody in the middle, but we'll see. I had no idea they would be so big! (Note to self, dig them up in December next year).


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you told me those are parsnips, because after the cow poo thing I was worried. And also - wowsers your hair is suddenyl very long, how did I not notice that? (have you putting that horse manure on it??)

Rachel Fox said...

Wow! Return of the killer parsnips!

Lynne Rees said...

You look great, Annie. Full of joy.

Sofluid said...

Oh, how I wish I could have an allotment! I will need to make do with growing herbs on my window sill for now. I have a garden but it is paved over and North-facing, so I'm not sure how well a veggie patch would do were I to make one!

Sorry to hear you were unwell and feeling down the past few months - you and I seem to have run a parallel there - I've had a lot of changes occurring, including moving work location and moving into my first ever house as well, so I also lost a lot of weight through anxieties and was also ill over Christmas. All that, combined with having got no writing done at all the past few months, made me feel very down.

But now I am more settled and feeling a lot happier and healthier, and I'm starting to get back into my writing and so forth, so things are looking positive. I know how hard it is to keep positive, but I think you and I are very capable and we'll always pull through :)

Looking forward to hearing more about the allotment and your writing this year - good luck! :)

sonia said...

You look fab. I had a walk round the allotment today - first in four weeks yikes. Can't wait to do some digging. Look forward to hearing about new stuff you are going to grow.