Saturday, 8 January 2011

#57 Dear 2011

Dear 2011,

I'm not sure whether I like you yet. It's miserable, cold, wet weather. It still goes dark at 3.30pm. VAT just went up to 20%. All the sparkly lights have gone. And I've still been feeling a bit wobbly after the flu.

I'm hoping it's just the beginning of January I don't like.

And that, soon, all kinds of exciting things will start happening, like dating, crazy nights out, sunny days at the allotment, making holiday plans.

2011, you are off to a slow start, but I have every hope for you,



Megan said...

January just doesn't want to get you too excited all at once
don't worry! Wait and see...

April said...

May your year grow brighter and brighter, friend. :) P.S. I just read about the river of stones and I love this idea...though January is halfway gone I am inspired to write about it!