Sunday, 19 December 2010

#55 Dear Amazing Weekend

Dear Amazing Weekend,

Thank you for so many unexpected things:

for putting me in a big Manchester snow-globe on Friday night. It was one of those evenings where even though it was freezing out, I felt warm cos of a bunch of lovely women friends, fairy lights on the tree, lots of chat, laughing until my belly hurt. Then when we looked out of the window everyone said WOW all at the same time because everything was white with snow.

for a very cool mate who sorted me two free tickets to see James at the MEN arena on Saturday. We danced like crazy for two hours, sang until we were nearly hoarse, and were transported back about 18 years. It was perfect.

for a very interesting after-gig drink, which even though was only planned as one ended up taking us into the early hours, new places, mad dancing, lots of laughing, new friends, a little bit of naughtiness. Ha!

and then for today, because we planned to see a film, but fate gave us an afternoon wandering around art galleries, singing carols along with some buskers, eating coconut macaroons, and browsing the Christmas markets.

Weekend, you've been surprising and full of spontaneity, and I'm exhausted, but have a massive smile on my face


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Megan said...

(especially the naughtiness)
well done young Annie xx