Thursday, 16 December 2010

#54 Dear Poems I Haven't Written Yet

Dear Poems I Haven't Written Yet,

I love knowing you are out there somewhere, and when I'm watchful / open / curious it's very easy to find you, hiding behind an image, or a thought, or something someone says, or a memory, an object, a word, an idea, a sound, a song, or a person. And if I wait patiently, then all the words emerge, and you become something I never imagined writing. Almost like a stranger who starts talking to me in a bar. We might become friends, perhaps lovers, or maybe you'll be just another person I met once whose name I won't remember.

I like knowing there will always be more strangers and more poems. It's what life is about, and I think for a while I forgot you were out there, or stopped caring, or believing. But, here I am discovering you again, and it feels good.

Poems, I look forward to meeting you,

A x


Megan said...

I bet they've been secretly queuing up outside all the time xx

sonia said...

now the fallow ground stirs replenished

kim mcgowan said...

Thank you for your kind comment, Annie. It really does put things into perspective to hear from someone with a similar experience -especially from a writer I admire as much as I admire you.
I've had emails from other writer-friends too, all of them wonderful, and all of them had very similar marks to ours.
I agree with you that perhaps deep down I knew that my writing was at that level, too. I just hoped I'd get away with it. It would have made me lazy if I had.
kim x