Sunday, 14 November 2010

A Prize

I won a prize at the Allotment AGM on Saturday. I'm the proud recipient of a voucher, given to me by the committee for my hard work on my allotment. How lovely is that! The voucher came in a little 'baby' card, seemingly all they had left in the shop, but actually I thought it very apt. In allotment terms I'm still very much a baby gardener.

In celebration of my award, I did more hard work: dug over my old onion bed and dug in four wheelbarrows of horse muck, planted garlics and red onions, cut back my raspberry canes, and half-built a very wonky looking compost bin. I also had to do some repair work, after the 90 mph winds last week.

Harvest this weekend was leeks, for my delicious leek and potato soup. I've never made it before and have to admit it tastes amazing. All down to the gorgeous leeks I reckon.

It's very tempting to hibernate this time of year, but I'm doing everything I can to resist this urge. I need as much sunlight and time with friends as I can get...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your win!

sonia said...

Hoorah!! Well done.