Monday, 8 November 2010

our bonfire

We had a lovely bonfire down at the allotments on Friday. Perfect actually. We've all cleared bits of wood, branches and brambles over the past weeks and abandoned it on Carol's plot. She'd cleared her pumpkins and squashes especially. Somehow miraculously David and not sure who else built it all into an amazing bonfire that burned for hours (with the little bit of accelerant needed to get it going in this gorgeous British damp).

It was a wonderful gathering of plot-holders, their families and friends, and masses of food and drink. Eric and Dave got the barbeques going and we had a zillion sausages, burgers and chicken drumsticks, with Seamus's delicious potato pudding, and a whole heap of home-made cakes. The trestle tables were out, and our odd collection of chairs. We had a few fireworks, a brilliant Catherine Wheel nailed to a shed, and some rockets, and fizzy, screechy, banging things.

It was the best bonfire I've been to as an adult. Cosy, safe and friendly. We all got to throw more wood on the fire (no safety barriers needed!) and we toasted our cheeks by standing a bit close to the fire. Kids and big kids waved around sparklers and we laughed and chatted and made lots of wooing sounds when the fireworks went up, and of course, there was tea aplenty

I don't think I've had anything like this as an adult, it's like a little community, and I love it. It's been a year now since I got offered my little half plot. It seems to have gone really fast, and I can't quite believe how much work I've done, how much I feel part of something great, and HA, how much work I still have to do. I feel dead lucky that I was offered my plot number 21, and on the most perfect site.


sonia said...

Wow now that's what i call a bonfire!!

annie clarkson said...

Oh Sonia it was lovely! What would we do without our allotments eh!

sonia said...

yes indeed!