Saturday, 27 November 2010

Hibernation Vs. Going Out

It's a bit cold. I am wearing two vests, a long sleeve t-shirt and two cardigans, furry slippers, jeans, and am almost lying on the radiator. Somehow the cold seems to be in my bones, and I'm very tempted to get into bed and stay under the duvet for the rest of the day.

I don't know how I would cope living in somewhere like Alaska. I just don't think I'm used to the cold, even though I should be a tough Northerner, to be honest I'm totally soft. I feel like hibernating until it gets a bit warmer.

As usual, there is so much I want to write about. Mostly personal. I want to write about how rubbish I am at anything remotely like love. Or how I wish I was less of a worrying kind of person. Or how I am so very far from understanding what my life is all about.

But, I will resist.

Instead, I will tell you what I've been doing to force myself to be a more sociable writer.

I went to Beatification, a Monday night poetry and beat film night organised by the infamous John G Hall. The highlight for me was seeing Tony Walsh read his massive brilliant clever funny sad amazing poem about Manchester. He said afterwards that he thought it didn't go down very well, and sent me a video of him going down a storm with the same poem. I think it is seriously one of the best poems I've ever heard.

Then Paradox, another Manchester poetry and music night. I'm not sure what my highlight was. It was a bit of a mixed bag to be honest, and perhaps not in the right order, and lots of chatting by drunk people while the poets were reading. I suppose that's the downside of mixing poetry with a music night on a Friday night, and keeping it going until 3am, although god, I didn't stay that late. I read two poems, my Dear Man with the Bicycle poem, and 'Out Dancing' a prose poem about my Burnley days, which is in the Flax Anthology This Road We're On. It is quite tough reading to a room filled with drunk people, so I just flung my voice out there, read loud and slow into the mic, and didn't worry how it was going down.

Then, I went to the launch of new Manchester publisher's Hidden Gem Press. A brilliant, very well attended launch, there were loads of people, not enough chairs for everyone who crowded into the Anthony Burgess Centre, and some great readings from Claire Massey, Zoe Lambert, and the main act Emma Unsworth. Emma read from her novel to be published in June by Hidden Gem, Hungry The Stars and Everything and it was a bit bloody tantalising, especially as we now have to wait until it's published to hear more...

It's been good getting out and hearing people read their writing, bumping into people I know, having a drink and a chatter. There are so many interesting events going on in Manchester, I love that I live in such a vibrant literary city.

I might even go out tonight to another event, if I can pull myself away from the radiator.

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Megan said...

SO wish I could have made the Hidden Gems launch, from all accounts, amazing.
I really need to get back to Manchester and when I do would you like to meet up, Ms Clarkson??
Write the personal, lovely - you're really exceptionally good at it
m xxx