Sunday, 17 October 2010

Pets, Pest, Prey, An Elastic Sky and The Word Dress

Wow, what an amazing day of poetry in Lancaster yesterday.

First, a day for writers published by Flax Books. This involved wandering around the very beautiful Storey Institute, listening to poems about Pets, Pests and Prey. A really interesting idea - readings taking place in different places, the bar, corridors, the gallery, the stairway.

I particularly loved hearing Cath Nichols beautifully poem about Starlings, Rosie Garland's poem about a certain kind of pest, and Kate Davis' poems about her taxidermy gifts to her husband...

This was followed by a lovely lunch. Thanks Flax! Plus, a workshop where thirteen of us worked together to create a collaborative poem. We then performed this in the gallery to a very friendly audience. It worked really well, I thought, considering most of us were strangers only an hour earlier, and our poem 'We are hundreds of moths' sounded amazing and was such fun to be involved in.

And I decided to stick around for some Litfest events too...

The launch of An Elastic Sky.

Lovely scones and tea, readings from the five wonderful poets featured in the anthology and five short films inspired by a poem by each writer. A packed auditorium, some great readings, and very moving films. I was so inspired. I've been lucky enough to be published in two of their anthologies, and can honestly say their launches are better than most.

And then WOW, the most gorgeous event I've seen at a literature festival.

Claire Massey is an amazing writer of fairy tales and she was commissioned to write a fairy tale about this gorgeous dress. The dress was made by a bridal designer and has been made out of the pages of a book. In this case, Angela Carter's brilliant book The Bloody Chamber. I mean, Wow. How beautiful does she look, and the story was amazing.

You know what, I love poetry and writing and reading and everything to do with books. I love that I can keep being amazed, surprised, and moved so often. Thank god for words right?

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Sarah Hymas said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Annie. It was great to see you all work so well together