Monday, 25 October 2010

Pavlov, sweat and tears... A reading this Thursday!

Just wanted to quickly spread the word about a reading this Thursday (see below). I've been commissioned to write a short story about a famous scientist and one of his eureka moments. It's part of a project by Comma Press linking writers with scientists, and will culminate in an anthology of short stories to be published in March 2011.

I have been sweating over this story for the past couple of weeks, talk about stress! I'll be reading a stripped down simple version of it this week... it still needs further work, and I'll write more about how mad, crazy and wonderful it's been working on this story soon.

But anyway, please come along, you can give me feedback after, and then I can scurry away to work on it a bit more...

Science and the Short Story

The International Anthony Burgess Foundation, the Engine House, Chorlton Mill, Cambridge Street, Manchester

28 October 2010, 6.30pm (free)

Featuring Annie Clarkson, Trevor Hoyle, Emma Unsworth, with neurologist Sohail Siadatnejad and chemist Zoe Schnepp. An evening of fiction and science, with readings of three stories specially commissioned to celebrate moments of scientific breakthrough. Annie Clarkson revisits a fortuitous flood in the laboratory of Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov. Trevor Hoyle explores the potential ramifications of the brain's recently discovered 'Mirror Neurons' - the neurological seat of compassion, empathy and vicarious pleasure. Emma Unsworth plays cards with the father of modern chemistry, Dmitri Mendeleev. Followed by discussions with two researchers currently taking these fields further.

Trevor Hoyle's latest novel is Down the Figure 7, set in Lancashire just after the war. His environmental novel The Last Gasp is currently under option in Hollywood. He also writes drama for Radio 4, his play GIGO winning the Radio Times Drama Award. Annie Clarkson's first collection of long poems, Winter Hands was published by Shadowtrain Books. Her story 'Lindy' was published in Brace (Comma, 2008).
Emma Unsworth is a journalist, short story writer and graduate of Manchester University’s Novel Writing MA. Her first novel is to be published by Manchester's new press, Hidden Gem next month.

Part of Comma Press's Bio-Fiction project; supported by Manchester Beacon and part of the Manchester Science Festival.


SallyF said...

damn I so want to come to this! but I can't do Thursdays - as ever... even in Science Festival week. If by any miracle and I can get anything shuffled round I'll try and be there x
oh ps - you should list here in the Beacons site which is getting tons of views this week cos of the Science Festival..
and you could pimp it on the festival's FB page -

good luck my lovely, and I want to read it anyway whether I manage to make it on Thurs or not

Tania Hershman said...

Oooh, how wonderful, wish I coukd come! I'm doing a story for Comma too, the 2nd wave, I think, about the discover of green fluorescent protein. Not started writing it yet! Hope it goes wonderfully on Thurs, can't wait to read your story. x x

annie clarkson said...

Thanks Sal x

Ooh, Tania, glad to hear you are part of this too. Fab x