Saturday, 2 October 2010

I have broken my machete

I know, it sounds like the title for a brilliant prose poem but, I really have broken my machete. I was hacking down my giant sunflowers and the handle broke, and now the blade is very wobbly. I kept using it like. But I'm sure it is a danger to mankind, or maybe just me. Sigh. Anyone know where I can get a new machete? It's not really an item I'm very sure about going into a shop and asking for. But it is so handy down the allotment for hacking, chopping and generally looking like I know what I'm doing. It also makes me look seriously well-equipped. (Incidentally, do you think the police would accept that I use it for gardening, if I was stop and searched? Hm)

After avoiding the allotment for the past few weeks, apart from harvesting some very good looking veg, I did a good two and a half hours solid work down there today. I had energy to burn and a lot to do, so I got stuck in, digging, pulling down my almost dead ten foot sunflowers with stalks like small tree trunks, and a bit of weeding.

I have SO much to do. The allotment committee have offered me the other half of the allotment, so I will have a full size plot for myself. Only trouble is, the other half is derelict, has not been worked for two years, the soil is hard as rocks, and there are piles of weeds, debris and other crap all over it, an overgrown pond with a hole in it, and some really tough looking grass on the rest of it. I'm beginning to think I might be nuts for saying yes. There's still a lot to do on my half, and now I have doubled my workload.

Eric has found me a greenhouse with no glass, that needs erecting and glazing. So that's lying around waiting to have something done to it. I also want to build some compost bins out of old pallets.

So, is anyone up for a dig? Seriously. If you're in Manchester and you fancy some hard labour for no money (although I'll throw in some veg or a beer, depending what appeals most), then give me a shout.


sonia said...

they must be happy with you to offer you the other half. well done. I remember my folding penknife dropping out of my pocket while waiting to collect my daughter from playgroup. I have an allotment seemed an inadequate thing to say. good luck with machete hunt.

Megan said...

Where did you get your first machete? Or shouldn't I ask?