Friday, 8 October 2010

Busy Poet

I've been a busy poet.

After a quiet six months, lots has started to happen. Readings. A workshop. Writing. And some other writing opportunities that I can't talk about yet.

Funny how things shift and shimmy into place without much effort.

First, a lovely reading at Didsbury Arts Festival. A Tuesday evening at the Northern Lawn Tennis Club, not the obvious poetry venue. We were a tad worried when there was only five people ten minutes before we started, but what a lovely crowd we got. There was maybe 30 or 35 people, very receptive, warm and friendly, There was an odd backdrop as behind me, Rachel Mann and John McAuliffe as we read were a trail of tennis players, passing the other side of the window from the tennis courts. It created a quirky evening of poetry/tennis. I loved meeting Rachel, the only vicar/poet with tattoos I ever met, and John's lovely Irish voice brought his poems to life, made me smile.

Then, Eat Your Word Soup at Cafe Culture for Wordpool 2010. Bit of a mouthful. I drove over to Blackpool, the North West's glittering seaside town, for an afternoon/evening of workshops and readings. And my first ever writing workshop. Eek. It was only a wee half hour workshop, but it was good. I think. I enjoyed it, and I hope other people did. I got people writing in response to various things I gave them, postcards of people, ripped up bits of my old work, angel cards. It was a way to spark new ideas, find starting points for poems or stories. Half an hour is not long, but we packed in lots of quickfire writing and then people could read out what they'd written if they wanted to... It was a real buzz actually for me, and for a first workshop I was dead pleased. Yay.

Then the readings, which were fab. Rachel McGladdery was wonderful in her slinky back dress reading some very powerful poems, especially the one about her dad, I think it's called Long Shadow, and it was brilliant, can't say more than that. I was next, and it was weird, I read the same set of poems as for the Didsbury reading, but it felt different. No nerves, but being a reader between two performers, perhaps made it stand out as being a little less confident. Marvin Cheeseman was AMAZING, I am his new biggest fan. He made me laugh so much, brilliant entertainer, very engaging, and some very funny poems. It was so lovely meeting them both, and a lovely audience which sadly was very small, which is a shame. The Eat Culture put on a brilliant event, and yet very under-subscribed. And on National Poetry Day too... where were all the poetry lovers, or are there no poetry lovers in Blackpool?

I drove back from Blackpool with all kinds of thoughts in my head about poetry and writing, and me as a writer and my life, and what I want to do and not do. I have a story to write, poems starting to shape themselves inside me again, which is nice. Yay. I'm a writer again, little old me, writing. I have no idea whether it will be any good, but it's about enjoying it right?


sonia said...

yes definitely about enjoying it. your workshop sounded fab- well done. you used the time well.

Megan said...

Completely about loving it Annie
You're writing again!
yay! Such good news