Monday, 6 September 2010

bits and pieces...

You might notice in my sidebar that I have two readings coming up. One at Didsbury Arts Festival on 28th September and the other at Blackpool Wordpool on October 7th. I'll be dragging out my best frock and poems for both occasions so have a little clickety click on the right hand side of my blog to see what and where and who else is going to be there.

What else?

I worked on my novel a bit over the past two weeks. Hurray. I found a new narrator. She was already in there, but I realised that it might free up the story a bit if she became the main narrator. I've written a couple of chapters. It's all very messy first draft see-what-happens writing. But for the first time in over a year, I had one of those moments where I reach a certain place where my pen seems to move by itself and I'm surprised by what I write and it feels like discovery/ energy/ breakthrough all mixed up into something I feel pleased with. Ha. What are the chances of that. This novel feels like it might take me another ten years, but I don't care, because at last it clicked into place for me for a short time, and I felt like a 'proper writer' again.

And I've had another review published... The Bigness of the World by Lori Ostlund- a very wonderful collection of short stories that I very much recommend...

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