Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Still on the little see-saw of life.

Current ups
Everything to do with the allotment. Sissy. The Sopranos Final Episodes. Scout Niblett screeching out songs. The decking in my yard where I sit and eat my tea on nice nights. Tea at Kim by the Sea with Vanessa tomorrow night. Eric making me laugh. My bed. A brilliant book I'm reading about Tristan and Isolde.

Current downs:
Tiredness. Worrying a lot. Work. Not being able to see my family as much as I want. A little anxiety, even about nice things.


Megan said...

More ups than downs though - hope you keep swinging your feet in the air
(also, which end of the see-saw is the writing?)
best to you, Annie

Anonymous said...

To add to the ups - wow the amazingly FABULOUS weather we have here in Manc, all the rain of the tropics without the cost of a flight or the jabs. Brilliant ;-) (well you gotta laugh or else...) xx