Saturday, 21 August 2010


These things have been giving me comfort...

An interesting book called We lent to me by my therapist because she said what I was talking about is the subject of this book. It is an interesting take on modern love/romantic love using the story of Tristan and Isolde and interpreting it using Jungian psychology. I'm not one for reading psychology/self-help, but I liked it, it makes a lot of sense (to me at any rate). I've now ordered one of his other books.

The allotment. As always. I went down this morning and dug out my french beans which seem to have finished. I picked blackberries, sweetcorn, courgettes, borlotti beans, spinach and baby carrots. The sun was gorgeous this morning, warming my skin, giving me lots of goodness (and slightly pink cheeks). It didn't feel as if I was in the city. It never does somehow.

Sissy. As always. She is amusing me a lot at the moment. Yesterday evening I sat with my french doors open. There was sporadic rain, and every time we had a downpour she came rushing in, skidding and sliding across the wooden floors and then trying to recover herself to walk casually over to say hello. Daft thing.

A review of This Road We're On, which said some lovely things about my writing, including 'power crackles between carefully crafted lines' and 'astonishingly visual passages'. I've been feeling quite lost as a writer this past year. I was on a path and then realised one day that the path was no longer there. I'm not sure whether or when I might find it again. But it is really nice to read a review like this one.

The film Tetro.
I went to see it at the cinema this week. It's written and directed by Francis Ford Coppola. It's set in Buenos Aires and is in English and Spanish. It's one of the most beautifully made films I've seen recently, in black and white and colour, there is so much attention to detail, god it's beautiful. There is something terribly lost and achingly sad about it, yet also something reassuring. I can't explain any more than that.

This wonderful video. It's very inspiring, even if I haven't quite found a way to live life in this way yet.


sonia said...

so much yummy stuff from allotment!
I had years when I gave up with the writing. then I realised I didn't want to tell people that I'd always wanted to be a writer and not actually tried. I wrote a poem most days - awful poems mainly but I heard someone say that just the act of sitting down to write each day transforms you. You have already had more success than me with writing so your story is probably different. I think you will find your way and the wandering off the path will have meaning.

annie clarkson said...

Thanks Sonia, Yes I hope so... x

Sam Pennington said...

Hi Annie

I've stumbled across your blog, and what a delight, it's really beautiful.

I've written, lost heart and given up so many times through the years, but I always come back to pen and paper. And I think that's just it; the path disappears into the undergrowth and becomes so hard to see, but somehow, right about the time you despair of ever seeing it again, you realise that it was there all the time.

Thank you too for posting the little video about being alone, I found it very heartening.

If you don't mind, I'm going to add you to my reading list!

Best wishes, Sam x

annie clarkson said...

Thanks Sam x