Thursday, 1 July 2010

This Road We're On

So, why was I in Lancaster? Was it worth the hassle of breaking down/being stranded/being towed back to Manchester by a lovely lad called Jake who had a smell of diesel about him?

Yes, yes.

It was the launch of This Road We're On, wonderful new short story anthology which is a free digital book online NOW!

It was at the gorgeous literary venue The Storey, in Lancaster. It's the first time I've visited, and I was impressed by the gorgeousness of the little auditorium we were in to read from and launch the book. All five of the writers were there: Chris Witter, Me, Amy Prodromou, Naomi Kruger and Emma Bragg.

In summary, there was wine, strawberries, chatter, milling about, a lovely introduction by editor Sarah Hymas, projected images from the anthology on the wall behind the readers, five very different readings from these little short stories which all feature relationships and love, free postcards scattered around with an excerpt from each of our writing, clapping, more milling about, meeting of people I've only previously met on the internet (Hi Ron), meeting of people I've not seen for ages (Hi Pauline), and a surprise appearance by my publisher (hi Ian). I thought it was a friendly, laid back and lovely launch.

So, now, I urge you... read This Road We're On

Actually maybe I should really say, read browse and explore, because there are stories, recordings from each writer, profiles, photos.

And let me know what you think...!


Sarah Hymas said...

glad you enjoyed it, Annie.
And hope it wasn't too late before you got home

Megan said...

It's a gorgeous anthology Annie. Your words are heart-wrenching and beautiful and chilling and true (as usual)
I haven't yet checked out the other writers, but I most definitely shall.
Thank you Annie!

Megan said...

ps your second link didn't work for me, though the first was fine