Sunday, 25 July 2010

gardening geek

I knew the weekend was going to be lovely. Allotment, food, friends (not in that particular order). A big sigh that the weekend is pretty much over.

I had a good weekend at the allotment. An exerting Saturday, sawing scaffold planks, and then with much-needed help from Eric building a big square raised bed. Then, basically digging it in, making sure it was firm, and filling it with soil, raking it over. It was a bit strenuous! Dripping with sweat, totally covered in muck, and knackered. It took a good four hours.

But the reward was harvesting some food for the weekend/week ahead.

I'm getting so much food from the allotment now. It had been five days since I last went down, and there was a glut of courgettes, some of them becoming small marrows. I dug up some charlotte potatoes, carrots, beetroots, and picked spinach, and french beans. Very, very rewarding picking my own veg. I can't even begin to tell you how much work has gone into reaching this point (most weekends from September last year until now). The rewards with an allotment are so so slow....

But, now I get to bring home this little feast (and a whole bag of courgettes that have been given to neighbours and friends.)

There is nothing better than cooking with your own veg. Actually, there's nothing better than having a bath after being down at the allotment. It's like the best bath I've ever had. Every time.

Today was another few hours hard work, but with the help and company of a lovely friend. I sowed red clover in the new raised bed (it's a green manure, which basically means you grow it, and then dig it into the ground so it adds lots of nutrients). We dug out the path next to it, pulling all the weeds out. And next week I'm going to put down wood chippings that we get delivered for free. It's making my half of the plot look so much tidier.

I did some watering, cut down all my comfrey to make some liquid feed and put the rest on the compost heap because it helps it all rot down better. Ha, ha. I know, I know. I'm a total garden geek, I had no idea about any of this stuff a year ago and would probably have laughed at the idea of it. It's bloody addictive and so so BRILLIANT learning all this and trying it out and seeing what happens. Even if it does make me sound like a bit of a ****

Here is some gardening geekery/allotment porn so you can see for yourself...

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sonia said...

gorgeous pictures - it all looks brilliant. love the wheelbarrow. hoorah for garden geeks.x