Monday, 5 July 2010

and another giveaway....

Someone kindly pointed out that my blog has been getting a bit gloomy recently, which is probably very true, oh Annie lady of dark mithery moods and much moaning.

So, I am giving away nice things, again trying to spread a little love and kindness out there to make up for me being a bit maudlin at times.

In celebration and promotion of This Road We're On, a new free to download digital anthology of short stories published by Flax Books.... I have some lovely postcards to post out to people. The postcard has a very writerly picture of me, a tiny slip of a story called Behind the Apollo, in a lovely colour design, and on the back I will write you a little message, a hi, hello, and something.

So, if you would like a postcard sending, jot me a comment if I already have your address, or email me your address, and it will be heading your way. It's only a postcard, but how often do we get a little fiction postcard (or in fact any nice things) through the post for free...?

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sonia said...

I love getting postcards