Thursday, 1 July 2010

#44 Dear RAC

Dear RAC

I'm very grateful that I am a member of your breakdown service. The RAC man who came out to me last night was very lovely and helpful, even if he was not able to fix the problem with the gasket on my thermal heating thingy. I was an hour away from home, and so without your services I wouldn't have got towed and might have been stranded there all night. The man you sent to me with his towtruck was kind, friendly and made a difficult night seem less fraught. I felt very relieved when he arrived, and I say a big THANK YOU that I got home safely, with my broken car dropped off at the garage.

However, I wonder whether perhaps you might need to recruit more staff. I'm just wondering, because it took over five hours from when I called you out to when I got home, which is a bit of a long time, and I was sat in a dark empty car park, next to a closed pub for an hour and a half waiting for the tow truck, and it was a bit scary waiting on my own, and maybe if you had one more tow truck working in the area, then it might have avoided me feeling quite vulnerable.

Just saying. I mean, you're great, but maybe just maybe you could have been a but more timely with your greatness


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