Monday, 21 June 2010

Annie Italia

I could tell you about Casa di Maio, with its orange walls and green shutters and the four lazy cats that slept in various hiding places around the garden.

I could tell you about breakfast on the terrace, breakfasts in pyjamas, breakfasts with jam and toast and cheese and ham and banana pancakes and maple syrup and fruit and croissants and spinach frittata.

I could tell you about being surrounded by vines, winding and crawling their way across every hillside

village after village

on every hilltop, castelli and chiesas, a scatter of red tiled roofs

cobbled streets

ornate doors and gateways, climbing roses, pots of geraniums, the beautiful sweet smell of jasmine almost everywhere.

And then of course, weddings. I could tell you about my beautiful friend getting married in a cathedral with ornate painted ceilings. The atmospheric thunder during the service, vows in both languages, and rain, rice and rose petals all showering down.

It was just perfect. Everything. A wonderful experience to be there to see her marry the man she loves and who so clearly adores her. Sigh.

Food, food, food for hours and hours, course after course of gorgeous food, the best speeches and toasts, more food and drinks (of course) and a very funny and touching story from the groom about how their love grew, with pictures, songs and a 'gorgeous' rendition of Amore. Then laughing, talking and dancing to the groom's friends brilliant band who played rock and spandau ballet!

It was lovely. My first time in Italy, and with my lovely sister, crazy-driving along Italian roads with no indicating and lots of veering and tail-gating, and convoys of cars as we drove from airports to towns to villages and back again. Aperitivos and pizzas, new friends and old friends, people I met many times or just once years ago.

Big sigh. Back home now with my thoughts, too many to describe.


sonia said...

It all looked so beautiful.

SueG said...

First time in Italia? You're done for now. Bet you'll be longing for it forever from now on. It's the cobbled streets that do it to me every time!

Megan said...

wonderful, sounds magical

Tania Hershman said...

Stop! Stop! It's all too wonderful! Welcome home.