Sunday, 27 June 2010

#41 Dear Lady Sat Next to Me Yesterday in St Ann's Square

Dear Lady Sat Next to Me Yesterday in St Ann's Square

I think you were in town shopping, and you stopped for some food at one of the stalls in St Ann's Square and then discovered that there were poetry readings. I was one of the readers, although you came along after I finished reading so you might not have realised. I want to say how impressed I was by the way you talked with the man who came along shouting about Jesus in the middle of Alicia's poetry reading. I thought he was quite rude the way he just started shouting scriptures, and even security found it hard to move him on. But you just quietly spoke to him, and said that you were a Christian but you wanted to hear the poetry. You were very respectful and he listened, and moved away somewhere else. Your patience was inspiring, and I wish I was a little more like you, because my first instinct was to shout back,

Anyway, Thanks and I hope you enjoyed the poetry



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restores one's faith in humans

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hope it all went splendidly before, between as well as because