Saturday, 26 June 2010

#40 Dear Friends Who I Used to Work With

Dear Friends Who I Used to Work With

It was lovely to see you last night, even though I was a bit tired and really didn't feel like socialising. You always make me laugh and feel good about myself. There is something sad about the way we are all slowly disbanding and moving on to new jobs, almost like a family breaking up, and even though it's been nearly a year, I still miss going into work and seeing you all every day. I love the way that we pick up where we left off when we get together, I guess that's what friendship is, even if it's been a while, and some of you I know better than others. It was a real one-off, a unique workplace of people that are now here, there and everywhere, an era in our lives that has passed, but which meant such a lot to all of us. I think you're all fab, and I hope the changes we've all been through, still going through and the ones to come are positive for us.

Big Love
A xxx

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