Wednesday, 16 June 2010

#38 Dear Love Handles

Dear Love Handles,

Where did you come from? Last time I looked in the mirror there was no sign of you and then today, DA DA, love handles. I'm not quite sure how I feel about you. It's as if I've been holding you in for all these years and suddenly one day you just decided enough is enough, and out you pop.

So, How long are you going to stay? Because if you're here for good, then it might take a bit of time getting used to you. And right now, there's not a lot of love going on, actually no love, so you are a lot more handle than love. And you make me look fat in a bikini.

hmmm, it's not really a letter of gratitude, more an acknowledgement that I have noticed you are there,



Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I hear you on that one. I have no special words of comfort or consolation, they are just pants. Mine don't seem to be going anywhere either (tho am not exactly making much effort to send them packing ;-)

Milton said...

Those handles have come to visit Muttie too. She weighed herself at her mother's last weekend and she's gained ONE STONE over the past year. How? That'll be the wine then. I did tell warn her...

The Lithsome Milt x


You seemed to get smaller in winter when you were stressed, so I hope these are a sign of more contentment. There's a yoga exercise called the fountain that helps if you like curves less than I do.


(PS Yes, I know my first comment was maddeningly male-minded: skipping sympathy and suggesting an unasked-for solution.)