Sunday, 13 June 2010

#37 Dear Eric

Dear Eric,

Just want to say thanks. For the borlotti bean seedlings. For the coriandor which is growing like crazy in a car tyre. For helping me make raised beds by hammering 6 inch nails into scaffold boards. For teaching me how to plant out leeks. For letting me sit in your meditation hut even when I'm sure at times you want me to bugger off. For making the best scarecrow I have ever seen. For always being positive even when you are pretending to be a grumpy bastard or telling me off. For teaching me how to kill a man with one blow. For sellotaping magnets to my shoulder blades. For always being up for a cup of tea. For doing qi gong practice with me today, even though I have the stamina and attention span of a gnat. For helping me shovel horseshit in the snow that time. For finding me a roofer, even though I sorted it out myself in the end. For telling me about the day you had your vasectomy, which made me laugh so much. For great hugs.

You're brilliant,
A xx


Anonymous said...

Eric sounds ace! I did some qi gong when I was in Leeds, it was part of the tai chi courses I did, brilliant stuff.

sonia said...

how lovely!!

Megan said...

Eric sounds fab - and a bit scary - but mostly fab