Thursday, 3 June 2010

#33 Dear Mr Perring

Dear Mr Perring,

I had a lovely time at your book launch tonight, thank you very much for inviting me, especially as Not So Perfect is one of my favourite books. It was lovely to meet some of your friends although a little disconcerting as several already knew my name and I think you must have secretly told them to come and talk to me because I was on my own wandering round Simply Books with a glass of water in my hand. Thanks for the free chocolate brownies, and for reading not one, not two, but three, four, five of your gorgeous little stories (and thank you for not reading the one that made me cry, because I might have been a bit embarrassed if it happened again). I liked it that I met several people that I have seemingly met before but none of us could remember, I liked it that I am now the proud owner of a signed copy of your book, and I liked it that I met you again, although briefly and possibly less unusually than last time. I sincerely hope I didn't do or say anything silly this time. I think your book is stunning, and as already discussed I would like to set up a self-help group for your characters that you are very welcome to come along to, I hope you enjoyed yourself lovely, because you deserve it, and I hope everyone I know buys your book

A xx


Nik Perring said...

I love this, Annie! And I loved that you were there. Thank you so much.

I eagerly await the self help group announcement (and hope I'll be allowed in there too!).

N x

kim mcgowan said...

Beautifully said, Annie!

Rachel Fenton said...

Just popped over from Nik's blog to read your lovely words, Annie. Nice to bloggy meet you.