Tuesday, 1 June 2010

#32 Dear Dress

Dear Dress

I hate shopping. I had such a horrible day shopping for you on friday, and I wish that really I didn't need a dress, and that I could just wear what I wear, and if this is a dress then it's a dress, but not a dress like you, a dress for a special occasion.

I tried on many dresses, and you were the first dress I tried on. Only a lady in the changing room said you were too ordinary, so I went and tried on all the other dresses, the swishy dresses, the ones with bold colours and net underskirts, and flouncing and all the time I felt like crying because I don't feel like a flamboyant, flouncy person.

I bought you, and then got bossed around into buying pink shoes and pink bag and bold jewellrey, and came home feeling unhappy, and even though you are a nice dress, a load of people have told me to take you back, that you are too plain and I should go and buy one of the flouncy dresses with their frills and slinky fabrics.

So now I want to take back the dress and the shoes and the bag and shawl and bangles and hide away in my hoody and jeans, and then I can say yes I took back the dress, I took back the dress, and another ordinary girl can buy you and hopefully she will have nice friends who will say, you know what, that dress is just you, just pretty in a quiet way, and we like you just as you are....

A xx


Miriam said...

Dear Annie,
I may look plain and ordinary on the outside, but inside I'm full of hopes and dreams. I don't flaunt bold colours or swishiness. I fill your imagination with all you desire.

Wear me and ignore those unimaginative people.

Dress xx

Sarah Hymas said...

keep the dress, dump the accessories?