Sunday, 9 May 2010

Manchester's Creative Tourist

I very much like new website Creative Tourist, all about the artscene in Manchester, everything from photography to exhibitions, bookshops, architecture in the city, interviews with artists, podcasts, guides to the city. It seems to be a fairly well-written set of articles and features, all about creative things, possibly more visual arts than anything else, didn't spot anything theatrical for instance or literary, but lots about the cool parts of town (i.e. the northern quarter), and what's going on in the visual arts world, plus a little bit more.

It was interesting to read Matthew Hull's feature about his top five bookshops in Manchester... I forget there are so many bookshops around the city, and it was good to see that he had chosen small independents, with some interesting choices, all YES's, and one I have never heard of, but will be visiting soon. Perhaps not the five I would have chosen, that's the joy of bookshops, we all have our favourites. I was pleased to see The Art of Tea in his top five... Well, they were all good choices actually. But I might have felt compelled to extend the list beyond five so I could include:

Oxfam Books in Chorlton always something brilliant about buying a cheap second hand book, and knowing you're donating money to charity at the same time. I have bought many a good fiction book in here, there is a pretty good poetry section and all kinds of wonderful non-fiction to be browsed, (have bought some gorgeous books on gardening, including Derek Jarman's Garden for a bargain £3)

Barnardo's books and music in Withington,

another good little charity bookshop.

Chorlton Bookshop

(handily situated a couple of doors from the best waffle cafe I've ever found), I once went in here, and said 'right, I have a whole weekend to indulge in books, I want to read books I've never heard of before, what do you recommend?' And the two girls working in the shop got very excited about being invited to push their favourite books onto me.

Of course, the Cornerhouse Bookshop

which sells mostly books about film, cinema, scripts, but also a whole wad of arts magazines, and probably the best selection of poetry and lit mags in Manchester. And of course, you can have a drink, a browse round the art gallery and a film all in the same place.

Anyway, Creative Tourist seems like a good site, have bookmarked it for future reference, cos it's good to know what's going on.

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green ink said...

Love the Cornerhouse, love it! Every time I've been to Manchester I've made a beeline for it.....after I've finished work of course :)