Tuesday, 4 May 2010

#8 Dear Nandos' Mango and Lime Seasoning

Dear Nandos' Mango and Lime Seasoning,

I've never chosen you before because you always sounded a little unusual. But I quite fancied you tonight, and wow are you delicious! I wish I had 1/2 chicken instead of the mere 1/4 because you were the right combination of fruity sweet and tangy sour. It made our evening at Nando's even nicer than it would have been if I'd stuck with lemon and herb. We all tried you apart from my dad who always goes for hot or very hot. You were a lovely accompaniment to a well overdue meal with my family. I seem to have missed too many treats with them recently, as our days off work are opposite eachother and it's hard to find the time when we are all so busy, but it's lovely that we did it today, and you were the perfect marinade for the evening, I'll be trying you again,

A xx


Bob Jacobs said...

Don't be tempted to try the mango and lime seasoning again, Annie. You can never recapture the experience you had the first time, you'll only dilute it. Go back to lemon and herb and be grateful for the happy memory. Trust me.


green ink said...

Ooh yum! I love mango in any kind of dressing, it's scrumptious.

Nando's said...

Hi Annie,

We in the Nando's Marketing office loved what you said about your Mango and Lime Nando's experience!

We want to send you a voucher for a half chicken, I have emailed you to ask for your address so i can send it out!


TheChandler said...

I love the mango and lime too. I've been trying to locate it for two years since I first had it when I experienced Nandos for the first time during a visit to London. I finally found it after scouring the earth for it. I bought a case of it from Africa. I haven't received it yet, but my mouth is watering waiting for it.