Monday, 3 May 2010

#7 Dear Liver and Gall Bladder

Dear Liver and Gall bladder,

I don't think I have ever thought about you before today, and yet you are a part of my body. It wasn't until the Accupressure lady was pressing certain parts of my body that really hurt and she told me that these were all related to either one or the other of you. In fact, Gall Bladder, I'm not entirely sure I know what you do (other than help my liver). It was an interesting realisation, especially as it may be that my migraines are related to both of you. I am now aware I need to look after you both, and it's all thanks to the lady who did my accupressure and chinese medicine treatment. I have some exercises to work on and diet changes to make, and then I hope when I go to see her in two weeks those bits of me won't hurt perhaps quite so much when she presses them. Anyway, it was nice that she brought you to my attention,

Cheers for being there,
A x


SallyF said...

My pal has just had *2* gall stones removed (ouch!!) so all I know, from her, is that your gall processes fat, the more fat she ate, the more acid it had to produce and the more it upset her stomach. When she ate no fat or as little as possible, it stopped hurting. So all I can say is, low fat is a kind gesture to a lowly gall bladder. I'd imagine your liver has to be in far better shape than pretty much anyone else in a 50 mile radius!

Megan said...

Dear Annie Clarkson,
Thank you for being so brilliant and writing such a fabulous blog.

annie clarkson said...



The last line especially makes me grin.