Sunday, 30 May 2010

#31 Dear Rain

Dear Rain,

Thanks for visiting us all yesterday and some of last night. I lay in bed and listened to you patter patter on my windows and it made me smile. There is just something very comforting hearing you like that at night, and knowing you are giving back to the earth all the water we need. I know people moan about you, but I think you are brilliant. Obviously, I don't want you to be here all the time, as sunny days are wonderful too, but the soil has been so dry over the past few weeks. It was lovely to smell fresh fallen you this morning, and see how you had given all my plants a proper soaking. It seemed as if they had grown inches overnight. Plus, the soil was so easy to dig at the allotment today, it was lush.

So thanks for being here, and thanks for staying away today, and I hope you keep visiting every week perhaps, mainly at night,

A xx

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. We haven't had rain in the past four/five months here in Kabul. Totally missed the sound and smell of rain.