Saturday, 29 May 2010

#30 Dear Ladies on the Bus

Dear Ladies on the Bus,

I want to say, I very rarely go on the bus, but yesterday was a real treat because of you three lovely ladies. On my journey into Manchester, I couldn't help but watch you with your curled white hair, sensible coats and shoes and your most amazing zimmer frames. You were chatter chatter chatter, on your way into town for a bit of shopping in the market maybe and a cup of tea in a nice cafe. And you were proudly comparing your new zimmer frames, which I have to admit, were impressive - a lovely maroon frame on wheels, height adjustable, with racer as well as normal handles to suit either preference. But most exciting of all there was a seat, in case you get tired, which also lifts up so you can put your shopping in the little basket underneath. No wonder you looked so pleased and smiley. I just hope that I'm like you when I reach your age - chatting with my two friends on the way into town for a shop with my gorgeous little zimmer frame. You made my day

A xx


Anonymous said...

am booking my seat next to you with my pass ok, see you there?

Sharon Longworth said...

Just lovely.

Ruth said...

i love your blog annie, it always makes me smile!