Wednesday, 26 May 2010

#28 Dear Contact Theatre

Dear Contact Theatre,

Thanks for a really good evening, as usual.I felt like staying home to be honest, but I already had tickets and a lovely friend to meet, so I pushed through my lethargy and am SO so glad I did because I loved the play, especially the acapela singing, poetry, and the way soldier boy got very wise in the end. It was a strong emotional ending. I so didn't realise two hours had passed. I also loved the hot chocolate that gave me sugar rushes, the mixed juice that the person behind the bar made for me when I asked for 'some kind of juice', and I understand that the bar staff are too-cool-to-smile, so it was lovely that we managed a half-almost-smile from one of them. And I finally met the man who is at every play I watch, the one who laughs in a deep HUH HUH HUH at inappropriate moments - we have been in the same audience for years, so it was good to put a face to that laugh. And of course, the lovely chatter and hug with V as well. All in all a fab night, especially for a wednesday, thanks ever so...

A xx

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