Thursday, 20 May 2010

#24 Dear Kim by the Sea

Dear Kim by the Sea

I think you might be my favourite cafe. It's been a little while since I visited, but I can't tell you how nice it was to wander in today to meet my friend, and sit at a lovely gingham clothed-table deciding what to drink. I could list many things about you that I love, the seagulls hanging from the ceiling, the crazy plants, the eclectic posters on the walls, the picture of the Birley Tree, the upstairs balcony which reminds me of a gentleman's drawing room, the friendly staff, the lovely menu chalked onto the wall, the plastic lunchbox, the mismatch of chairs and settees, the fairy lights, the velvet curtain by the door, the homemade chips. Sigh. You are oh so lovely, and I really like you very much. And I especially like the man who served me today with the gap between his teeth and his lovely afro. Double sigh. Thanks Kim by the Sea, you have given me years of pleasure...

A xx

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sonia said...

sounded like you had a lovely day.