Tuesday, 18 May 2010

#21 Dear Watering Cans

Dear Watering Cans

One of the nicest times of my day is when I turn the tap on to fill you up, or dip you into the waterbutt, and then carry you, one in each hand, water spilling into my feet a little so that I can water all my seedlings and flowers and veggies. I'm not sure how many times I have to fill you up so that I can water all my plants. I know I could use a hose instead and it would probably be quicker, but I love returning again and again to fill you up, and then sprinkling water exactly where it is needed. It is such a lovely part of the day, and I like it that it gives me so much pleasure,

thanks, lovely collection of watering cans,

A x

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ericw said...

As long as one has a garden one has a future, and as long as one has a future one is alive.