Saturday, 15 May 2010

#19 Dear Self who cheated on her dear task yesterday

Dear Self who cheated on her dear task yesterday

I know how tired you were yesterday, and so understand why you only wrote a very short letter on your blog yesterday. It was only about ten words, but you know what... you can write as much or as little as you want and that's fine by me. It was an exhausting week what with your head cold and period and the election, which was a surprisingly exhausting in itself. But you kept going, worked a full week at work and did everything you needed to do, as well as looking after yourself. Plus coming off your anti-depressants is a big deal and there have been a few little withdrawl symptoms, so NO WONDER you were tired missus. Have a lovely weekend, take it easy, relax, dig, eat lovely food and just don't worry about anything. Cheating a bit on the task yesterday was just what you needed to do, you can't do everything! You are brilliant in your own peculiar way,

Keep being kind to yourself
A xx



Well done, Annie. I've been thinking of reminding you of many of the things you mention here - especially the reminder to be kind to yourself even though you're feeling much better than in winter - (though I wasn't going to mention your menstrual cycle). Have a lovely, easy, enjoyable weekend.

Lauraajk said...

Lovely idea. I think we should all forgive ourselves for such things more often!

sonia said...

good post we are often all too hard on ourselves