Wednesday, 12 May 2010

#16 Dear French Bean Seedlings

Dear French Bean Seedlings,

It was really lovely to nip down to the allotment for a bit after work. I knew everything in the coldframe would need a water, but it was such a surprise to see that everything had grown so much in only a couple of days. Wow, you were the loveliest looking French Bean Seedlings I'd ever seen, and I grew you myself! Yay! So, there I was in my work clothes, knees down in the dirt, so I could plant you out. Ten beautiful plants in a little circle with some 8 ft canes for you to grow up. It really made me smile getting my hands mucky so I could plant you, and sprinkle you with water. All I can say is grow grow grow... I can't wait to see how you do,

love A xx

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sonia said...

you captured that great feelin