Tuesday, 11 May 2010

#15 Dear Gordon Brown

Dear Gordon Brown

It is a sad day for me today, hearing you resign as prime minister and as leader of the Labour Party. You are a true statesman. I feel a little devestated at the turn of events, and want to thank you for being a politician I have admired, and a person who has worked with integrity to make our country a better and more stable place, through some very tough times. You have also reminded me, in recent months, that politics are not only for politicians, but for all of us, and these are exciting times, that again people are feeling inspired and passionate about politics. I have always been political with a small p, in my small world trying to personally campaign and change lives in an individual way, but you have made me want to be more active, and I see campaigning and protesting times ahead. I hope to see you continue your work in a less prominent role, still inspiring us, and still working hard with the party to make the next election a stronger one, so we can get rid of the Tories again.

Yours respectfully



Imola said...

Annie, my most sincere appreciation for your work!


SueG said...

I must admit, I have been frustrated by him and his party lately. But I do admire and respect old Gordon, and his farewell speech -- which I watched twice -- did make me shed a tear -- twice.