Sunday, 9 May 2010

#13 Dear Mr Adam Marek

Dear Mr Adam Marek

I've been wanting to read your book for such a long time, so much so that I inadvertently bought two copies (one which I have now given to a friend who I know will LOVE your short stories). I have been reading them one at a time. Sometimes, I feel with short stories there is a tendency to rush through the collection, reading one story after another, and then before I know it the book has ended and wish I'd taken my time. So, I have been disciplined and read your stories a few days apart, allowing each one to linger in my mind, and I have to admit, they certainly have lingered. (The last one, about the zombie cafe has left me with a strange taste in my mouth, and I'm sure tonight I am going to dream about Meaty and Reid hacking bodies apart to feed the undead.)

Anyway, I am SO pleased I took my time, because your collection is brilliant assortment. I particularly liked Ipods for Cats, the one about the boy who has a thorn in his toe that turns out to be cutlery, and Testicular Cancer Vs The Behemoth. But I have to say my favourite was Cuckoo, I think because it was gently unexpected. I thought it was about a dodgy bloke, but then it turned out to tender and beautiful, in a way that occurs sometimes when we let ourselves follow instincts instead of reason, and it captured a mixture of magic and sadness that really clung to me for ages.

Anyway, I could natter on for ages, but really I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for writing these stories, and making them unusually weird in a very ordinary yet magical kind of way,



sonia said...

I heard him read one of his short stories at Decongested in central London - he is brilliant. Shamefully I haven't bought any of his books.

Vanessa Gebbie said...

He's the best - one of my favourite contemporary writers. Nice review!