Thursday, 6 May 2010

#10 Dear Polling Station

Dear Polling Station,

I was a little worried when I saw your address on my Polling Card, that you are on Blue Moon Way seemed like an omen, and I hope there is nothing blue about this day. However, this morning on my way to you, I walked past the construction workers building the new health centre and new houses for families in the area, and the building where you are based today is the new school that opened less than a month ago. I saw all the signs of regeneration in my area, the new back yards, the alley gates, the new lamp posts, the flower baskets. I remembered the spate of burglaries in my area where the police arrested all the people involved, and the ambulance that took my neighbour to hospital, and the fact that the Labour government loaned me a £23,000 deposit so I could afford to buy my house in their scheme to help first time buyers get on the property ladder and support the economy. Dear Polling Station, you were busy with people making their votes and I put my X in the box and felt thankful for my politics, thankful that I can see the positives from the past 13 years,

I hope other people visiting you today, are reminded of similar things as they arrive to vote,

A xx


vanessa sanghera said...

Dear Polling Station and Ms Clarkson
I too walked to cast my vote but a little less enthusiastically than your good self.It was fine Mancunian drizzle in Chorlton and I was saddened as I put my two crosses on the ballot papers for a party I no longer recognise as even vaguely socialist and to be honest only voted for as to not vote would have made the Tories even stronger.I did smile however in this age of mega technology at the old fashioned ballot paper, the little pencil with which to make my choice and the lovely smiling woman who crossed me off her list with a ruler and biro.......bless.
On the positive side I did run into Eddie Izzard at the co-op last night who I am informed is a mate of lucy powell my local labour candidate.Lets hope we don't wake up Blue.On that point lady BLUE MOON WAY has a completely different conotation for me as a Man City fan.
Big big hug
Vanessa x


I like what you've written here, Annie, though I'm horrified that you've voted for a government that has removed so many basic freedoms and keeps casually floating ideas about euthanasia ("Elderly people should think about getting out of the way of the next generation," to paraphrase Baroness Warnock) and "pre-emptively" invading Iran (cf Bob Ainsworth's speech a few days before Blair repeatedly hinted at it in his Chilcott testimony).

Some of the differences that make a difference for me about Cameron are the specific things Blair sneered at him about after his final Queen's Speech: "You can't create hope by talking about sunshine," Blair said after Cameron criticized him for focusing on fear rather than hope, "any more than you can solve anti-social behaviour with love," (extra contempt in the last word, which is odd for a Christian.)

I believe you CAN create hope by imagining sunshine (I think there's a Tennessee Williams play about that) and I believe Cameron's advisor Camila Batmanghelidjh from Kids Company is right to emphasize the importance of love in solving anti-social behaviour.

Anyway, though I wish you well, my friend, I hope blue was an omen...

annie clarkson said...

Ms Sanghera, I am v proud of you. Perhaps we need to start campaigning for voting reform, and for a more socialist labour party?

Mr Sides, equally horrified you voted for DC! We will have to agree to disagree, x

Hails said...

My voting station was a tiny box cabin on a pub carpark, I'd already made up my mind where to put my cross and seeing the station didn't change my mind.....Later I learned that my dad had tried to vote in the portaloo next to the cabin......