Friday, 2 April 2010

rain and other stuff

Well, if the rain carries on I'm only going to see the inside of my shed

.. and not do very much digging this weekend. It's a bit wet and muddy.

I have done all kinds of jobs since my last allotment blog... planted parsnip seeds, planted my early potatoes (hoping they don't drown with this rain), dug over and got the soil miller onto my raised beds to get them ready for planting, dig a trench to catch rain and stop my neighbours weeds travelling onto my plot, and I've planted all kinds of seed in my cold frame

since I took this pic they have all started sprouting - cabbages, chinese cabbage, leeks, sunflowers, nasturtium, sweet peas, tomatoes.

My rhubarb is coming along a treat, and my blackcurrants and gooseberry bushes are full of leaves just starting to emerge from their buds... My onions and garlic are doing great, and my globe artichokes have tons of new leaves on.

So, it's all good. I'm loving it down there, as usual, and getting excited about what might grow. I mean, I have no effing idea what I'm doing. At all. I am doing the 'plant it and see' method of gardening, with some advice from books, and from other allotmenteers (although I have to say, the advice conflicts sometimes, so the best way is probably, make it up as going along and see what happens..)

It is my total escape at the moment. I hope to get down there tomorrow, Sunday and Monday, but we'll see what the weather does. I have to say the cosyness of my bed can seem more appealing than a cold, windy sometimes rain/sometimes hail day on the allotment.

Other than allotment, I was very excited to get an unexpected parcel of books yesterday. Four books of sudden fiction and prose poetry from White Pine Press, which look brilliant. I have written a review of one of their anthologies, which will appear in a month on two on The Short Review. So maybe that's why!

Also in the past week or two...had my haircut, had a cupboard and drawer clear out at home, worked bloody hard, had a couple of migraines grr, made banana flapjacks, made quiche, watched An Education - which was good, but I didn't think it was as brilliant as the reviews made out - been lazy, slept a lot, bitten my nails (bad bad bad), and been to ice cream parlour to bring back a huge tub of all my favourite flavours... sigh, life kind of keeps going with all its wonderfulness and shit bits and fun and grr and kindness and love and la la la. I think might get another five years older before I even blink and I won't even know what happened.


Michelle said...

Annie, this allotment business is starting to look frighteningly professional. I'm in awe. x

annie clarkson said...

oh Michelle, I make a real mess of things all the time, and the other allotmenteers have a good laugh at me! it's just really good for me, I like it such a lot, can you tell?!?

sonia said...

all looks fab- you have been busy. I have the same thing with conflicting advice-i love there is no definitive right or wrong. you are beating me with the potatoes! I emailed my address to you again for the book prize as the first email seems to have gone astray. may the sun shine up there!