Friday, 23 April 2010


Hurray for fridays.

Hurray to a whole week without a migraine.

Hurray for having 50 readers. Hello 50th reader!

Hurray for the man who asked me to the pictures on Tuesday and then took me for food and shared lovely chat with me. Thank you, I really enjoyed myself.

Hurray for the friend who cycled down to my allotment to say hi last sunday. It brightened my day and made me really grin.

Hurray for Sufjan Stevens and Elliot Smith and Bon Iver who have all provided me with lovely songs to listen to this week, even though my lovely cat chewed another pair of my earphones.

Hurray for cheap earphones from amazon delivered to my door.

Hurray for Adam Marek's brilliant collection of short stories, Instruction Manual for Swallowing, which I have been reading each night, a story at a time. I think your writing is really weird and brilliant and so unique I have no idea what is going to happen next.

Hurray for my lovely cute cat who gives me love everyday, and is now lying exhausted on the end of the bed after a day of adventures.

Hurray for my kind friends, especially the one who met me for dinner tonight and didn't complain when I realised I had left my purse at home.

Hurray for being inspired by the same friends overwhelming goodness and the way he makes peoples lives brighter all around him by being 'real' and giving 100% and making them feel there is someone believing in them.

Hurray for light evenings where I can actually do things rather than feel the need to hibernate.




Hurray for your lovely week, AC, and have a lovely weekend.

Bob Jacobs said...

I'm with you on Instruction Manual for Swallowing. It's a terrific collection of shorts, great imagination and finely written. I recommend it.